Vomit Issue 4 coverMutant Flyer Issue 1 cover
Breakdown Issue 1 coverBreakdown Issue 2 cover

Here are downloads of a few of the local fanzines that were around at the time. First to appear was Vomit which lasted 5 issues, followed by Breakdown which finished after 3 issues. Both were produced in Norwich. Mutant Flyer had at least 2 issues, though I've never seen issue 2.

In the case of Breakdown Issue 2, the original pink/purple ink had faded quite badly and but, after a bit of Photoshoppy-type trickery, it's now just about readable! Thanks to James for providing Vomit Issue 1 and also the posters that were used to advertise it around Norwich.

CBZBreakdown Issue 16Mb
CBZBreakdown Issue 214Mb
CBZMutant Flyer Issue 111Mb
CBZVomit Issue 13Mb
CBZVomit Issue 45Mb
CBZVomit Issue 55Mb
CBZVomit Posters548Kb

The above can be viewed using a comic book reader such as CDisplay Ex (Windows only) or YACReader (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Breakdown issue 3 will be on its way (one day!) and I'm hoping to get my hands on Vomit Issues 2 and 3 at some point in order to scan them!