The Toads Music

Still Available!

Detour Records, via their Bored Teenagers label, released Volume 9, which features five Toads tracks on the LP and nine on the extended CD.

Here are the front and back covers to the LP:

Bored Teenagers Volume 9 font cover
Bored Teenagers Volume 9 back cover

The release includes a 16 (LP) or 20 (CD) page booklet with information on all the bands, with a full section on the Toads. The LP version is shown below:

The Toads pages from the Bored Teenagers Volume 9 booklet

Early promotional shot taken along Thorpe Road, Norwich

Below is the complete list of all original songs by the Toads - those marked # were never played live. We occasionally played covers, Bowie's Heroes and the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat are the only ones that come to mind.

TitleWriterSong Batch
All I Wanna Be Is A StarVinerBT9, D1
Bad TimeSmithD2, R2
Bank JobVinerBT9c, D1, R1
Blood On My WheelsVinerBT9, D2, L1, R2, S
Death Waltz#SmithR3
EyesVinerBT9c, D2, L3, R1, S
Get ReadySmithL3
I Don't Care About YouSmithBT9, D1, L1, R1, R3, S
I Hate JapanSmithL2, R3
I'm So BoredCheethamL3
In The SubwaySmithBT9, D1, L2, R1, S
Mixed Up KidSmithBT9c, D2, R2
Never Happen HereVinerD2
Nowhere To GoVinerBT9c, D1, L1, R1
On The RunSmithL1
Safe Living#VinerR3
Shit ParadeLyrics: Smith; Music: VinerL3
Slimey ToadCheethamL1
Stick It UpSmithR2, R3
Suppression/OppressionVinerBT9, D1
Walking Case Surgery#Lyrics: Smith; Music: VinerR2
You're So BlankSmith-
You're The GirlSmithD2

*Paul wrote this after someone beat him up because he was punk - he really did have a fat lip for a few days!

Some of the songs can be downloaded as batches of zipped up MP3s (recorded at 96Kbps) and others are available on CD/LP:

Click on an icon or title to download/view the file.

zipL1 - Toads Live 18Mb
zipL2 - Toads Live 28Mb
zipL3 - Toads Live 38Mb
zipS - Toads Studio Recordings6Mb